G-Sensor Help

Jan 26, 2010 at 9:28 PM

I need some help.  I am brand new to Visual Studio and C#.  I am a long time PHP programmer that has beginning to play with C# and windows mobile. I have some classic Visual Basic 6 experience, but not a lot.

My problem is the documentation for this API is basically non-exsistance.  And the Sample code for the G-Sensor is confusing to a newbie like me.  While I am sure the sample code was developed to show the power of the API, when reading it over and trying to figure out where the values are calculated, makes me want to throw my phone through a wall. 

I have been able to look at sample codes for other functions (i.e. change registry value, gps, etc) and been able to follow them fairly effiecently. 

I am hoping that maybe someone will provide simple code, that will just display the values on the screen is a super simple manner.  i.e.

X Vector: 0.0
Y Vector: 0.0
Z Vector: 0.0
Nav Data: 0
Light Sensor: 1
Stlyus Sensor: 1


It can be something as simple as just updating the Text on a label.  :-) I am smart enough to know how to intrupt the values from there... and it hopefully it will help me learn more about this crazy thing called C#